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Waves of thought

Buddhism teaches thatall things arein a constantstate of flux: allis changing,forever.Nothing is very stablein nature.This principleapplies tohumans astoanything else thatexists in the universe. Peoplehavenotever,according to this,a steady state, physical or psychological, ora trait thatdefines us. Moreover,the existence ofstablestates or traits inpeopleis purely an illusory manifestationofthe changing reality.
Think on this body!Apaintedpuppetwithmovable limbs, sometimessufferingandcovered with sores, full ofimaginations,neverpermanent, always changing.(Dhammapada, 147).

It is in thiscontext thatthe term Anatman takes perfect sense, as a denial ofthe existence ofa personal soul(Atman) which definesorcharacterizes us asindividual subjects.Anatmanis thenon-self. Thewords "I", "my mind", "my being" or "mysoul" do not refer, in fact,according to this,to anythingstablemyself, do notdefine me as a beingdifferent from the rest, becausenothing stabledefi…