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Becoming of reason

Whomakes the mindgoso far?Who makeslifebegin its journey? Whoimpels us toexpress thesewords? What can not beput into words, but makes the words to spoke. Know itisBrahman, the Spirit, and not whatpeople adorehere. Whatyou can notthink with yourmind, butmakes the mindcan think. Know itisBrahman, the Spirit, and not whatpeople adorehere. (KenaUpanishad)
Brahman, the Spirit, isthe flow of knowledge, the logos, the becomingof reason (though not limited tothem).The reason isthe highest thatis given to us, is "everything" forus, or One(is comparable to God) is what will save us, orwill lose us, because very often we donot see thereason, we do notdistinguishasmaximally important; and religions, unfortunately, sometimes lose the way and deify otherthings. The reason"lights up", but paradoxically itishard to be seen. It is always behindthe experienceand phenomena, but it is not the objectitself, it is not visibleortangible.The reason isthe understandingand intelligencein themsel…