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Primus Motor

Religionssuch as ChristianityandBuddhism, and philosophers such as Aristotle, say that Godand reason arethe same thing,or at leastarevery similar. Reason isthat which flowsand is "the greatest good of man".Of course, reason is the only thing thatcan bringhappiness to us in a moreor less stable path, if we are smart and observantenoughand we are rightin findingthe elusivetruth, every day, over and over again(whichis not easy, it’sobvious). Reason is the appearing worldflow; therefore it istime,"logos", sequentialactivityof mind.It is reason, ultimately, that we experience asthe continuing searchfor truth, the multipletruths, also truthsday to day,the search for meaning of the things of theworld and thetimes and situationsin life. Reason, then, is somethinghighly fickle. Reasonisthe evolutionitselfof what we perceive of the world,the evolutionoflife situations, while the evolutionof the mind.It is not, therefore, any static nor unique to eachparticularperson, but on t…