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Thought by Servetus

Mind is the faculty of thinking. Basically consists in the ability to identify elements that are common and to discern those that are different from the information provided by senses and memory. Based on this 'scrutiny', similar ideas, or similar elements, are combined in new ideas or elements, are inferred ones from others, are associated or simply are mixed or differentiated themselves, Servetus explains. This activity is not performed in the metaphysical vacuum or in a non-physical manner. The complex vascular network of brain and nerves machine performs it. But even this machinery does not create mind out of nothing, it is not as magical and wonderful. It isn’t an 'unmoved mover', it does not work in an isolated way by itself, but is moved and fed by the 'air-spiritus', which has an inherent 'logos' that is expressed in the comings and goings of thought in time, in the flow of temporal evolution of consciousness. This is, according to Servetus, what…