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About time: mind and time.

Personal time is not linear, psychological moments are very different. The reason for this is that our internal states, which are what, more than anything else, shape the course of our existence, are also very diverse and variable. It’s not the world around us which changes maximally, although we seem, but even when the environment remains stable objectively, if we dedicate to observe ourselves, we can see that our subjective experience is still fluctuating, without any specific reason, external and real, or 'scientific'. If we are suspicious, we can also see that, to address this paradox, what we do is look for (and find) the apparent motives of our personal changes in a fully imagined mental contents dependent on our individual psychology. Apparent, not real causes, invented by situation and condition of each one. More or less shared daily illusions… Motivation, expectations, effort, performance... of people are naturally variable along moments and days. The same activities…

About time

Time is not linear. It isn’t the repetition of anything constant. Every moment is different from above. And are different because body conditions, which are what give the cadence of our existence, so are: time-varying. Mechanical watches count has nothing to do with durations and sequences of personal experience. Watches add constant units without entity. The seconds, minutes, hours. A simple counting: one, two, three, four, five, six... Go adding something that has no reality, seven, eight, nine... A linear and empty footage we impose on events and experiences in trying to get there in a dimension analogous to space, certainly by the illusion of marking what we feel, what we think (the real 'real time') with signs that perhaps might contain our lives. A bubble fueled by its permanent dissatisfaction. Linear time exists only the moment we try to put life in a a grid. The calculation of time is a mental content as any. The moments of experience that occupies the clock are not …