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Reality, thought and time.

Thinking is 'lead to presence', 'to present' or 'do present' something in consciousness, whatever it is. This is precisely the present time: to think. It is true, an irrefutable truth, that we always think and we always are now, as Descartes realized. At all times we think or we feel or we are doing something now. Present is what joints thinking and being. To think is to present a content or an idea, do present, but also we create the past and the future from the present. Always we are and always we accede to things in a  mental action of present. The act of consciousness is instantaneous. We think (and dream and feel and are) at present. But the content of thought (or dream, or feeling...) refers to events of the past or the future, if you look. And they are just that: contents, ideas, fallible products of our mind. We think on possibilities of acts of past or future, heartfelt or less, believed or less. We invent the past and the future, which are probably f…