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Mind of dog

Do you remember I mentioned to you the vision of a mouser trying to cross the road? It let me thinking… It was early morning, I was driving to work. The road was fairly busy at that time. The mouser was just outside a gate at the side of the road and tried to cross it, with great difficulty. It looked very uneasy and nervous. Its movements didn’t appear to follow an established plan. As soon as it was up it was down, always along the road. It looked right and left in a disorderly manner. I saw it to make some attempts to cross just when passing a truck or a car, aborted attempts, fortunately, at the last moment before the wheels of vehicles catch it. Given this fact, it increased its anxiety and hyperactivity. The moments that could have crossed, did not. It seems clear that the situation completely overflowed it, had no control whatsoever. It looked but did not know what to watch, had no criteria for deciding when to cross. But did not desist in their attempts, but quite the opposit…