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Articulating Joan Mascaró

'The Truth of the whole universe stands in front of us every moment of our live.'
'Everything is energy.'
'The sun of the Spirit shines on all things and is the life of all things.'
'There is truth in this universe. We can call it 'being of the universe' and it is in us and in everything.'
'The God at our heart is also at the heart of everybody.'
'If you love your life, love God, which is your life.'
'Everything in the universe is a part of an infinite soul.'

Joan Mascaro said that while 'in the West people talk about God of Universe, in India talk about Soul of Universe'. Indeed, the conception of God as absolute spirit, as Brahman, is linked to the idea that this God, spirit or Brahman is also a part of us, deepest: our soul or atman. Brahman or God is part of everything in the universe, that is to say that is everything. It is what we can find in the whole of nature but is especially at our soul, our heart, and equall…