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Henri Bergson

'Others will dig even deeper. Under these joys and these sadnesses that can ultimately be translated into words, they will catch something that has nothing in common with words, certain rhythms of life and breathing that are more interior to man than his innermost feelings, alive law being, variable with each person, of his depression and exaltation, of his sorrows and hopes. By releasing, exacerbating this music, they will impose it to our attention; they will make us insert ourselves into it involuntarily, as walkers entering a dance. And through it they will lead us to shake too, completely inside of us, something that has been waiting the moment to vibrate.'

Henri Bergson, L'energie spirituelle

The Splendor of the Fruits of the Trip

What Arabi calls deity or spirit is not static quite the contrary. In fact it is as variable as our mind or our soul, which is terribly labile. Moreover, our soul 'moves' as much as do, because 'the spirit of the universe' moves it, he says. 'Divinity itself 'travels'. And it does so by way of life-giving 'blow', breath, giving live and keeping all creation as a great blower without location or form. But the divine journey is not, however, a route or a linear displacement, like the creatures experience, but a renewed creation at every moment, a sort of pumping or beating, than a moment after another, as a heart present everywhere and nowhere, keep alive and awake the cosmos'. So clever summarizes Carlos Varona Narvión, from the meticulous knowledge of the translator, in the introduction to El esplendor de los frutos del viaje. There is always in creation (and all creation is creation of our mind) a mixture of body and spirit that is where it reac…