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The states of consciousness

Consciousness has differences in intensity. There are different levels of awareness and conscience. We can be very activated and concerned at certain times and in certain situations, and little in others. There are obvious differences between sleep and relaxation states, on the one hand, and states of emergency and activation on the other. Consciousness reaches more lively in times of crisis, when we hesitate between two or more decisions we know they are important, where we understand that much is at stake, which can be decisive for our adjustment, even for our survival, when we choose something really new, unforeseen, and anticipate possibilities that we had not thought of. The more we create or decide the future, the stronger consciousness and the greater intelligence we mobilize. Moreover, low activation states of consciousness that are dreams, according to Bergson, appear when memory and sensations converge. They obey to something we remember but that is just a feeling, that is &#…

Consciousness, joy, intelligence and society.

Consciousness is what drives us forward, is what decides, what sets targets, what defines our fate. And there is a fundamental sign of the achievement of this goals and satisfaction of our personal motivations, which is joy. Bergson says: "The joy always announces that life has triumphed, that has gained ground, that has achieved a victory: any great joy has a triumphant accent. Wherever joy is, creation is: As creation is richer, joy is more profound. The mother who watches her son is joyful, because she is conscious of having created him, physically and morally. The trader who carries out his business, the factory owner who sees his industry prosper, is he joyful because of the money he earns and the notoriety he acquires? Richness and consideration obviously come much satisfaction he feels, but they bring pleasure rather than joy, and what he enjoys with true joy is the feeling of having mounted a company that marches, of having called something to life. Take exceptional joys,…