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Vital force

Bergson said "the spirit embraces the past, while the body is confined in a present that constantly begins again and again". Indeed, our mind handles content that come from the past but it works organically in the pure present, which is constantly renewed independently of those memories. All true operation, mental or of any kind, necessarily occurs in the present... We do not perceive the present in a pure way, we can only to intuit; it is a hidden variable to our direct knowledge and we just can make suppositions, because all perception is contaminated by traces of the past, by the knowledge we have been setting over time. Memories shape our perception of objects and events that occur now. However everything real occurs now, in 'a present that continually starts again and again' and in which we are confined. It seems a terrible paradox. The present is the duration of the phenomena, the duration of the actions of our body and our perceptual and cognitive systems. The p…

The consciousness and the brain

Every time we attend to somewhat, there is an idea which directs our mind, from the set of possible ideas that have some relevance to the specific situation we experience, which is the 'guiding idea', common to them all. It shares elements with all of them, relates to them, organizes them. It is the idea that prevails in the effort we make to adjust our mind to reality, when our consciousness works to give a fitting response to perceived reality. The diversity and richness of possible thoughts concretes every moment, in this way, in a single thought. Mental effort and intelligence consist precisely in that: the action of selecting the best idea of all possible. It is a more or less intense effort but in any case it is always an activity of intellectual discernment, since 'all possible ideas' can be many and they keep some relationship (more remote or less) all with the situation, 'are analogous each other or are coordinated with each other', says Bergson, thus …