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The termspirittranslates from Greek'pneuma' and Hebrew'ruach'. It isa translation thattodaywe must consider, however, partly because'pneuma' and 'ruach', bothin antiquitymeant, whilespirit,literallyair, thesimple and commonair of nature. FromGreek 'pneuma' comes, for example, something so far fromanyform of spiritualityasthe word ‘pneumatic’.Airandspiritare very different thingsfor us, radicallydifferentwe must say inour modern languages​​, but curiouslywere interchangeableinancientGreek and Hebrew.What is nowa markeddouble meaningwas originallya complete identityof both concepts.

From 'pneuma' comes'pneumatology', that studiesliterallyphenomena of 'pneuma', orthe influence ofintangible and invisibleaerial beings on people. In thereligiouscontextspecifiesnaturally the partof theologythat studiesspiritualbeingsand phenomena, especially the actions ofGod inrelation tohumans, by the Holy Spirit.
Another termis Hebrew'néfes…