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The natural God and soul of Eckhart

God works in two wonderful ways that look very different one from the other. It works 'physically' with the sky, the stars, the moon and the sun. And at the same time, it makes 'great things' with our soul, 'spiritually'. God, according to Eckhart, is the 'power of heaven', a kind of force that flows from the air. God has this power of heaven, that is physical and operates with the stars, but at the same time, surprisingly, acts on the soul and 'spiritually'. God acts on our soul the same way as it does on the stars and stuff, that is, as a physical force. Thus, our soul would be 'spiritual', indeed, but more in the sense of being of a spirit or etheric matter (from the sky) rather than in a metaphysical sense. God must not be sought beyond the natural and physical world, since it in reality is a force that acts by nature on man and other creatures. And what we call the human 'soul', that of man on what this force acts, must be …