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Ibn Arabi, the linker of wisdoms (II).

To Ibn Arabi everything is imagination, we live in a world of imagination, the physical world is alien to our conscience, as is the true reality (truth, God), and our 'personal reality' is purely mental. We move in a psychological world, the world of names that we put to things, not in the world of things in themselves. "You have to know that you are imagination, and that everything you perceive and you say 'this is not me' is (also) imagination. Our personal reality in its totality is an imagination within imagination. In contrast, true reality, truth, is God seen in its essence and in its being, not from the point of view of its names."
"God is as light that a glass veiles to look and dyes its own color: colorless itself, it is presented with colored to illustrate what is your reality when compared with your Lord. If you say that light is green because the glass is this color, you tell the truth and senses testify on your behalf. If you say it's not …